8/25/2015 Day 237 – A Song I Would Like To Sing Live If I Knew Every Note Would Be Perfect

This is tricky, because there’s so many great songs out there and a lot of my favourites have already been chosen in this challenge. But while browsing my music library, I’ve come up with this one:

Seasons of Love – From “Rent”


If I knew I was going to sound amazing, and sing every note perfectly (even though it’s written for multiple voices) I could definitely give this song the emotion and power that it deserves. ❤


08/04/2015 Day 216 – Favourite Song From An Animated Film

Well, my favourite animated movie is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I love Belle, and I’ve always identified with her. She loves to read, she’s smart, she’s kind-hearted, and she tries to always see the best in people, unless they make her angry (ie. Gaston…). Plus, the Beast has that amazing library in his castle and I mean, who wouldn’t want to have their own library like that?!

One of my favourite songs from the movie is “Be Our Guest”


08/02/2015 Day 214 – A Song That Someone Has Sung To Me

Well, no one has actually performed a song that has specifically been dedicated to me before. Here’s hoping that happens one day!

But, I do sing in the car with my best friend and there are certain songs that we sing together, for each other. Ya, we’re cool like that 😉

A perfect example is this song here….


“You’ve Got A Friend In Me” – Randy Newman from Disney’s “Toy Story”

07/16/2015 Day 197 – Best Movie Theme Song (with Lyrics)

I’m going to choose….


While Footloose is not necessisarly one of my favourite movies (I actually prefer the remake movie from 2011 to the original 1984 film) but in all honesty if you ever get the chance to see a stage production of Footloose the Musical!, I definitely recommend that! It is incredible. 🙂

However, Footloose is one of my all-time favourite songs and definitely one of the best movie theme songs (in my opinion)!