08/26/2015 Day 238 – A Song From An Artist/Band Whose T-Shirt I Own

Well, I wish I had an actual t-shirt from an artist that has actually been worn by them, but unfortunately that is not the case. The closest I come to that is t-shirts from concert tours.

At one time, I had a t-shirt from this band. They have yet to make an appearance on this challenge so now is the time.

Here is 2004’s Mr. Brightside from The Killers.



05/21/2015 Day 141 – A Song You Could Striptease To

Oh goodness….

Well, let’s just go with this song for two reasons: 1. I’m Team Ciara (as opposed to team Beyonce….not really sure if they are competitors but I feel like they could be, potentially). 2. Well, I’ve said it before, and most of you know, that R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop is usually my go-to jam for this type of thing….

Oh – Ciara (feat. Ludacris)

03/28/2015 Day 87 – Song You Sang the Wrong Lyrics to for Ages

This is really tricky, and it’s very hard to think of a song for this challenge on command. So, since my time is limited and I’ve already been thinking for about 15 minutes, I’m choosing I song that I have known for a long time and have sung along to, and that I have probably sang the wrong words to AT SOME POINT.

I mean, let’s admit no one ever gets the words right the first few times they hear it. Sometimes it’s really difficult to tell what exactly the words and lyrics are.

So, here’s a real treat for any of those pop loving’, Disney channel, fellow fans that I have.

It’s Jesse McCartney’s “Beautiful Soul” from 2004.