I’ve Been on a 90’s Kick : Part 2 – The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

That’s right, I’ve watched all 6 seasons of the Fresh Prince, and I loved Will Smith through it all (especially by season 5 and six when he was a bit more muscular and beefy haha).

Now, while this show had its moments of being too silly, and there were times when the screams from Will and Carlton were a bit much to handle, overall it was still a funny show!

I found I really grew to love the character of Hilary (played by Karyn Parsons). At first, she was a bit annoying and I didn’t find her “dumb blonde” ways that funny, but I think after I saw an interview of Karyn and realized she doesn’t really speak the way Hilary speaks, I began to appreciate Karyn’s acting of Hilary’s character.

I definitely loved the protective relationship between Will and Ashley (played by Tatyana Ali), and appreciated that bond over the six seasons as Ashley grew up from a 9 year old to a 16 year old.

And Geoffrey, the butler’s, wise cracks were often the best lines and most unbelievable lines of the show!


And then, you can’t leave out Carleton’s dance moves….

Or, when Will & Carleton found themselves trying to win money in a Vegas Dance Competition…

Or, near the end of the series when Will doesn’t want to leave the room after being in trouble…

There’s been lots of funny moments…

and even some emotional ones too…(this particular scene actually brought me to tears)

If you need a show to watch that’s light and entertaining, and it can even be good background noise at times, then choose Fresh Prince! (or just Youtube more funny moments!) haha


I’ve been on a 90’s kick! : Part 1 – Party of Five

So, what two shows did I just finish binge watching thanks to Netflix?

Party of Five and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

1. Party of Five

This is a show I’ve wanted to watch for a long time, so I’m glad I finally was able to thanks to Netflix. I have memories of seeing random episodes as a child, and I actually think that is because I had a babysitter who liked to watch it, and I would listen from the top of the stairs instead of going to sleep since the show was on after my bedtime. (Those days of going to bed before 8 pm are not missed!).

I love shows about families. I’ve watched 7th Heaven, Parenthood, The Kardashians, and others. I guess Family Drama would be one of my favourite television genres. And Party of Five fits right in. It’s a show based on a family of five whose parents pass away in a car accident, leaving them to raise themselves, basically. Charlie (played by Matthew Fox) is the oldest, so he takes over as guardian for his younger siblings – Bailey (Scott Wolf), Julia (Neve Campbell), Claudia (Lacey Chabert) and baby Owen. The show details their triumphs and tribulations over the 6 years (and 6 seasons) after their parents pass away.

Main Cast - Season 5?

Other main characters that join the cast include Kirsten (Paula Devicq) Sarah (Jennifer Love Hewitt), Will (Scott Grimes), Daphne (Jennifer Aspen) and Griffen (Jeremy London).

Now, as I was watching, I actually made notes of some of my favourite moments from episodes. I wasn’t able to find many clips since the show is from the 1990’s and pre-digital, but there was a lot to love about this show, including these aspects:

1. Of course, I love singing moments. Here’s Julia and her friends in Season 1 singing Everyday by Buddy Holly on a night out. (This introduced me to this Buddy Holly song and influenced its addition to my music library).

2. There’s a scene in season 1 where Charlie, Julia, and Bailey are helping to sand wood in the backyard, and they start singing. I love that scene too.

3. Sarah and Bailey are my favourite couple in the series. I really loved Jennifer Love Hewitt on this show!

4. Kirsten & Charlie. Destiny is all I will say to that!

It’s been over 20 years since the first episode. Enjoy this flashback clip!

Watch Party of Five on Netflix (at least in Canada) now!

Once a Gleek, Always a Gleek

On March 20th, 2015, after six seasons, one of my favourite televisions shows of all time, said goodbye to us. Glee centered around William McKinley High School’s glee club led by Will Schuster (played by Matthew Morrision) and the original Glee club students of Rachael Berry (Lea Michele), Finn Hudson (the late Cory Monteith), Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer), Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley), Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale), Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron), Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) and Noah Puckerman (Mark Salling). Then, you can’t forget Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch) who was the rival cheerleading coach turned principal who vowed to take the Glee Club down time after time. These were the originals, and the ones who continued to make reoccurring appearances that always brought a smile to my face after their contracts ended as series regulars (except for the few who remained regulars throughout the six seasons).

Glee made me laugh and it made me cry. The performances were always incredible, and my music library has grown from the music (both covers and a few original songs) that were featured on the show. I always looked forward to a new Glee episode, and I was a true fan even when the show’s future was questionable and the episodes were not their best. However, I feel the show came full circle and the series ended back on top.

When Cory Monteith passed away unexpectadly in July 2013, the cast and fans everywhere were devestated. I was worried about Glee’s future at that point, but the cast and crew showed great strength in their ability to carry forward a few more seasons to end the show with a scripted conclusion. Everyone knew it was supposed to be Finn & Rachael together in the end (Cory Monteith & Lea Michele’s characters), but it just goes to show that even in television, things don’t always go as planned and Glee mirrored real life in that way.

I urge anyone who has a love for music, laughter, drama, and can relate to being in high school and all the pressures that are faced, to watch this show. Here are some of the highlights of my favourite episodes, performances, and clips from Glee. I won’t choose any that would spoil major plot moments, in case this inspires someone to watch the series!

1. I loved the character of Santana and I’m definitely a Naya Rivera fan for life. Her attitude, sarcasm, and feistiness is one that I aspire too, except that I would throw a bit more sweetness and sensitivity in to that personality. Here’s a performance of Nutbush City Limits which is one of my favourites!

And here’s a video of some of Santana’s best lines ever!

2. I always loved when it was mash-up week on the Glee Club, and this is one of the first and best mashups, way back from Season 1. It’s My Life/Confessions Part II

3. This is my second favourite Mashup. Rumour Has It/Someone Like You

4. One of my favourite emotional performances from Miss Rachael Berry features her singing To Love You More.

5. And just because I can’t possible share all of my favourite glee musical moments, here’s a video that shares some of them for me:

Now, let’s see if I can find some non-musical moments to share that won’t give away anything plot-wise. But just in case, their is potential for spoilers so consider this your alert.

1. Here’s a video of funny glee moments:

2. Glee wouldn’t be Glee without Rachael Berry. So, here are some of Rachael’s best moments:

It’s really difficult to put everything that I have loved about this show into one blog post, because there is just so much that I have loved over the years. But, one thing will always be true. “Once a gleek, always a gleek. Glee is forever.” ❤

Saying Goodbye to “Parenthood”

A few weeks ago, one of my favourite emotional tv dramas ended its broadcast after 6 seasons. Parenthood was a series based around the Braverman family and how they dealt with conflict, heartaches, happiness, triumphs, children and personal/marital struggles.

Here’s the Braverman family tree:


It was one of those shows that could be a weekly emotional release for me, as I believe the majority of episodes always made me cry. It was just that good! After a few weeks, I do miss it and I feel it will be one of those shows that down the line, I’ll rewatch the series. Maybe I’ll be in a different life stage and I’ll be able to identify with some of the parent characters, as this time around I understood the teenagers, and I found the presentation of Max, a son who is diagnosed with Asperger’s, interesting on an educational level because of my university background.

I also loved this show because I loved the dynamic of the Braverman family. I don’t have a family that is close in the way the Braverman’s are and its something that I wish I had. It just seems so fun to have big family dinners often with your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc. They are always going to each other for help and making memories together. Everyone is there for each other when they need them the most. Now I know this is a television show, but I bet there really are families like the Braverman’s out there. Who knows, maybe I’ll marry into one!

I’m going to include some youtube clips of favourite scenes for you. The first one is a montage of scenes of Lauren Graham, who plays Sarah Braverman, she’s a single mother throughout the show of Luke and Amber, who are teenagers/young adults throughout the course of the series. Sarah Braverman is one of my favourite characters on the show.

Amber Holt is my second favourite character, played by Mae Whitman, who is Sarah Braverman’s daughter. I love the mother-daughter relationship they have. Here’s a profile on Mae Whitman and her character, Amber.

I also love Crosby Braverman, played by Dax Shephard. He’s one of those guys who cares deeply but never ever wants to show it. It took him a while to turn into a “family man” and even when he did, he never lost his coolness.

So, I’m going to leave it at that. If I have sparked your interest at all, I encourage you to watch the series because it really is an emotional family drama worth binging on.

Unbroken – a 2014 film about the experiences of Louie Zamperini


I can’t even begin to process my emotions about this movie, other than that I feel the need to write in order to help me. I don’t usually feel the need to blog after I see a movie – I may have the desire because the movie was fantastic and I want to give it rave reviews. But rarely do I NEED to blog.

Don’t get me wrong, Unbroken is a great movie. The acting was well done and I believe Angelina Jolie did a superb job of directing. But, those are never reasons why I choose movies. I simply base my movie choices on the story. Does the story look good? Do I like the actors? Do I know the actors? (If the story looks good enough, the actors don’t matter really, but sometimes the actors can sway and make the story seem better). So for me, after seeing Unbroken, which wasn’t chosen by me but I did want to see it, I was simply interested in the portrayal of the story of Louie Zamperini.

I watched the film and I felt his torture in the prison camp, I felt his desperation when he was stranded out at sea, and I felt his strength in not giving up. I feel like I felt these emotions stronger than I normally feel when I watch a film. I feel really emotionally effected by what I witnessed. I wasn’t crying in parts because I was sad about what I was seeing, I was feeling the pain and emotion of the character of Louie.

I can’t just now go back to how I felt before the movie, where my biggest stress was what to have as a movie snack. I feel 1000 times more grateful for the life I live. I feel 1000 times more ignorant for the issues I stress over, when there are individuals who have and who are currently going through torturous experiences. I can’t relate to being beaten or being a prisoner of war, or even being in a war. But, this movie was finally what has made me think twice about what I consider painful and what I consider hard. Because what I go through on a regular basis is child’s play compared to Louie Zamperini’s history.

And it’s not just this level of severity of one’s life struggles, it’s how quickly it can all change. Olympic athlete one day – prisoner of war the next. Life can change in an instant. You have to be aware of what you have in life, cherish every moment, and enjoy every day because you don’t know when it could all disappear.

Unbroken is a phenomenal story and a great film. Watch it, feel it, think about it, and then let it go. After all, It is just a movie, but don’t forget that it is the true story of someone’s life. So be grateful for what you have, and thankful for what you don’t.

Blog Challenge Day #3

Today’s challenge…my favourite movie.

This is a tough one, because it’s hard to choose just one movie! So, simply because I can I think I’ll pick my favourite movies from different time periods of my life, and from different genres.

Let’s begin…

Favourite Disney Movie:


The reasons are simple: Belle has brown hair and she reads, Beast has an AMAZING library and the grandest of staircases in his home, the music is fabulous, and it’s about falling in love with unconventional beauty. Am I right?

Favourite Childhood Movie:


This movie should explain itself as well.

Favourite Movie as a Teenager:


I was OBSESSED! Zac Efron, catchy music, great dance numbers, and a cute/cheesy love story. I still love it!

Favourite Musical:


It takes place in Santorini. Do I need to explain further?

Favourite Comedy:


“I’m sideways running” – haha

Favourite Romantic Comedy:


It may not be my absolute favourite, but it’s probably the one I’ve watched the most…

Favourite Drama (Also Romantic):


“I jump, you jump Jack”

Favourite Sports Movie:


I love Sports Movies. Especially this one about a football team that triumphs in the face of tragedy…(actually isn’t that the main theme of all sports movies?)

Favourite (Closest thing to actually being) Action Movie:


My love for this movie has already been explained.

I can think of so many more movies that I love, but these are the ones that make the top of the list! If you haven’t seen one of them, I highly recommend that you tune in. That is of course if you can handle the great music and soundtracks, because that does appear to be common theme amongst all of my favourite movies.

Red Band Society

It’s been a few years since any of the new Fall TV dramas have interested me enough to tune in. With Netflix and torrent downloading, and even DVDs of TV series,  a TV show has to seem REALLY appealing for anyone to tune in on a weekly basis. If it’s a show like Grey’s Anatomy, it’s already won its fan base so going into season 11 it knows it will capture its viewers. And of course reality shows are still popular for people to tune in when it airs (dedicated Survivor and Amazing Race fan right here!)

Anyways, my point is that every year I check out the preview for new Fall TV shows and this year, I actually found one that sounded interesting to me, and that is Red Band Society. It follows a group of teenagers who live in a pediatric ward of a hospital, and each teenager is fighting a different battle. So far the show has been funny and emotional-grabbing, with interesting character developments. It doesn’t show a lot of surgery or guest starring one-off patients, like other hospital dramas focusing on doctors (like my beloved Grey’s Anatomy)/ The story line instead just centers around the main cast. There’s drama between the teenagers themselves, the teenagers and the doctors and nurses, and (spoiler alert!) between the doctors and parents!

Most of the cast is unknowns (at least to me) except for Nurse Jackson, who is played by Octavia Spencer (winner of an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Help)  – see her profile here  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0818055/?ref_=tt_cl_t1

I’ve seen the first three episodes so far and I am really enjoying the show, so it will be interesting to see what plays out over the first season, and if the show makes it past the trial period (meaning fingers crossed it doesn’t get cancelled!!).

If anyone is looking for a new show to watch, I recommend Red Band Society. It airs Wednesday night at 9 pm on Fox. At the time, no Canadian networks have picked it up (not sure why that is because it’s definitely worthy of a spot!).

So, to get you hooked here is the series trailer, and it’s advertising poster!