07/31/2015 Day 212 – A Song From A Concert I Wish I Could Have Attended

I do wish I could have had a chance to see Shania Twain live on her Rock This Country tour. Instead, I enjoyed her Live from Vegas Concert DVD, and it was pretty fantastic.

Here is one of my favourite Shania Twain songs:

Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)



07/30/2015 Day 211 – A Song From A Band I Heard About Before They Were Cool

Well, this is a band that I knew about before they crossed the Atlantic ocean and released their debut album in North America.

The Vamps are a British pop band consisting of Brad Simpson (lead vocals and guitar), James McVey (lead guitar and vocals), Connor Ball (bass guitar and vocals) and Tristan Evans (drums and vocals). The boys are 19-21 years of age, and they do compare to One Direction, but they do have a different sound. Plus, they’re all blond pretty much.

Their debut album, Meet the Vamps, was released in the UK in April 2014, and in the USA in November 2014. It is filled with catchy songs and it is one of my favourite albums to listen to all the way through.

My most played song from the album is:

“Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)”


07/28/2015 Day 209 – A Song That Was Written For Me

Hmmm…. an anthem song for myself. What should I choose?

Seeing as I love my Mini Cooper, and I pretty much won’t let anyone else drive her, how about this upbeat Shania Twain song from her 2002 album, “Up!”. I actually think these lyrics could be written about me…

“In My Car (I’ll Be The Driver)”


07/26/2015 Day 207 – A Song From The Artist of the Best Live Concert I’ve Attended

This is difficult, but one of the best live concerts I’ve ever attended is Taylor Swift’s Speak Now World Tour show in Toronto, ON on July 15-16 in 2011. That was the concert where Taylor Swift game out into the audience, and grabbed my hand! I then proceeded to scream with glee and it was a fantastic moment.

One of my favourite songs from Taylor’s Speak Now album is “Enchanted”. I’ve had a couple nights where I’ve been enchanted by someone’s presence so much so that I’ve smiled the whole way home, and my mind has starting going a mile a minute with the excitement of the future and the potential of what may be to come. ❤