04/30/2015 Day 120 – A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

Let the record show, that on this 120nd day of 2015, which is my birthday, I am letting everyone know that one of my favourite songs and best guilty pleasures is:

Rockstar by Hannah Montana (the famous Disney character portrayed by Miley Cyrus)

Such a great Disney pop song!


04/29/2015 Day 119 – Your Favourite In-Concert Performance

I still remember how this performance brought tears to my eyes. Taylor Swift made me reminisce about a recent breakup when I saw her perform “Last Kiss” for the first time on her Speak Now tour (Hartford, CT – June 22, 2011). Can’t wait to see Taylor perform again in October on her 1989 World Tour.

A concert moment and performance I will never forget <3.

04/28/2015 Day 118 – An Uplifting Song Which Makes You Think, If Only Temporarily, That You Love Everybody

This was a tricky challenge, but after searching and testing and lots of contemplation, I think I’ve chosen the perfect song:

We Go Together – From the Movie / Musical “Grease”. What a finale! It’s uplifting, inspiring, and basically throws love for everybody at you that you have no choice but to give in and feel it too!

Now I want to watch Grease…. ❤

04/27/2015 Day 117 – A Song You Want To Play At Your Wedding

Okay, so I’m going to take this challenge broader than a specific wedding song choice (because I feel like there have been a few of those mentioned in this 365 day challenge already) and pick a song that I definitely want played by the DJ at some point in the evening.

Since I spent my afternoon watching the Shania Twain: Still The One – Live from Las Vegas DVD, I’m going to choose one of my favourite Shania songs because it’s definitely one that I want played during the dance time at my future wedding, because it’ll bring out the country girl and boy in everyone and hopefully bring people to their feet!

That song is:

Any Man of Mine – Shania Twain

Plus, it’ll be a great song for my future husband to hear on our wedding night! 😉

04/26/2015 Day 116 – Album You Would Most Like to Hear in a Cafe

I’m picturing and visualizing a cafe, maybe Starbucks or Coffee Culture, or maybe a unique independently owned establishment with comfy seats for different sized groups, as well as various lighting levels for different moods or atmospheres depending on the time of day.

Customers are reading books, or using their laptops/tablets and WIFI internet, or chatting with their friends or other people they are just meeting for the first time, or maybe people just get to know each other from being regular customers.

Anyways, now that I’ve set the stage a bit, I think the album I would like to hear in this cafe would be one by Mat Kearney, a rock-folk artist from Oregon.

I first discovered Mat Kearney because a past manager of mine liked to play his album in the bookstore we worked in.The specific album of his that I loved the most is Young Love, released in 2011.There’s quite a few songs I really like on this album, so I encourage you to listen to it in entirety. But, I’m going to feature one song specifically in this post.

Here is Ships in the Night by Mat Kearney

04/24/2015 Day 114 – Song You’re Embarrassed To Like

Well, I’m never embarrassed to like any music. I’ll always own up to what I like and what I don’t like.

However, the song that I would be embarrassed to have start playing if my iTunes was on shuffle at a party or with a large group of people that aren’t all close friends, would be this one:

No More Monkeys – By Putumayo Kids

That being said, I love this song and version of the 5 Little Monkeys nursery rhyme. Putumayo Kids provide awesome music for children, that is culturally sounded and not filled with high-pitched annoying voices or sound effects that are very trying on the ears of adults!

This nursery rhyme specifically is one of my go-tos whenever I’m with a young group of children. It saved my life when I was supply teaching Preschool and Kindergarten age children!

So, I totally own loving this song and I’m proud to have it as part of my iTunes music library.