Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Video

One of the best surprises ever is waking up to find a new music video has been released by one of my favourite artists. That surprise is multiplied by 100000000 when it’s a new Taylor Swift video!!

I was just saying to my best friend Denise last night on the phone that this is one of my favourite songs on the album. I think I could mock my past relationships basically in the same was as Taylor, and I can relate to the lyrics. “Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane” – yep, sounds like me right there! πŸ˜‰

When Taylor was explaining the meaning behind this song at her iHeart Radio Secret Session in NYC on album release day, she said it represents the stories and stretches of the truth that the media likes to make up about her love life and past relationships. Personally, I think Taylor likes to toy with her fans and all the listeners and critics in the music industry and play up the drama of her love life, while poking a bit of fun of herself at the same time. She may claim that she is not like the girl in this song at all, but I think all girls who are hopeless romantics like myself and Taylor have a bit of insanity in them. So Taylor, I think it takes a very confident person to make fun of themselves in this manner, and it just makes me love and respect you even more (if that’s possible!).

Listen to Taylor talk about this track in an interview with Siruis XM Radio here:

So, to all those single men out there, Taylor and I have blank spaces, and we’ll write your name. πŸ˜‰



One Direction “Steal My Girl” Acoustic & #FOURHANGOUT

The release of One Direction’s fourth studio album “Four” is officially only one week away!

Yesterday, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Louie held a special live Google+ Hangout chat about their new album and answered questions from fans.

They also recorded an acoustic performance of their song “Steal My Girl”.

While the performance was great, and I think the acoutic version of the song is almost as good as the version on their album, I couldn’t help but noticed how tired some of the boys looked. The area around Zayn’s eyes is so red and they don’t light up like they usually do, and Louie and Harry just look run down.

Perhaps the boys are just too busy and on the go too much! (I can relate, although definitely not on the same global scale as One Direction of course). Β This is their fourth album in four years, and they already announced a large scale world tour for 2015. I just hope the boys don’t burn themselves out too quickly, as I want One Direction to have a long lasting career as a band,

If you are interested in their 30 minute hangout interview, you can watch it here:

The highlight for me was when Harry complimented Taylor Swift on the music she “allegedly” writes about him. Cool move Harry, because you’re right, they are good songs and she is a talented musician.

Can’t wait to have another One Direction album to put on repeat starting Nov 17th!

A Perfect Thank You Gift

In September, I had the idea to give my parents a special gift for Christmas. I wanted to say thank you for everything they do for me: allowing me to live in their house while I work and complete my Master’s degree, providing me with home-cooked meals and groceries everyday, allowing Sherry (my Mini Cooper) to sleep in the garage, and giving me an abundance of love and support.

My friend Kassandra is an amazing artist. I first met Kassandra before high school because we took piano lessons from the same music teacher. Then, in Grade 9 we ended up at the same high school where we quickly became friends. Before Grade 12 (I think?) Kassandra moved out of the immediate area, but I invited her back to our high school prom as my date so that she could celebrate with her IDCI friends.

I had seen on Facebook some of the art that Kassandra had completed, and I knew she did commisioned pieces. My parents have been looking for art to hang in their living room, but had been so far unable to find pieces that they like at a price they could agree with!

So, I decided that I would approach Kassandra about doing a commissioned piece of art for me to give to my parents. And, I must say that she really hit the ball out of the park!


This past Saturday I surprised my parents with their gift, and they loved it! And, it looks great in our living room!


I think it was the perfect way to tell my parents “Thank you!” and it will also be lasting reminder of their amazing daughter because of the number of times they will look at the painting from here on out!

Kassandra’s work is incredible, and I wanted to showcase just how talented she is. Here is a link to her Facebook photo album that shows the pieces of art she has completed.


I believe the album is public, so even without being a friend of Kassandra’s on Facebook, you should be able to see it.

Thank you Kassandra again for this amazing piece of art, and I definitely will be wanting more from you in the future!

New Music Video for Mr. Olly Murs!

So, one of my other favourite artists is the one and only Mr. Olly Murs, who hails from the posh Essex, England. He found fame on series 6 of the X Factor UK (that’s the year prior to One Direction).

This November he is releasing his next album, Never Been Better, and last week he released the music video for his first single “Wrapped Up” feat. Travie McCoy! The song is super catchy and I think Olly has lots of talent. Sadly, he hasn’t really hit it big in North America as of yet, but fingers crossed! I’d love to see him on tour in Canada. I saw him at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in June 2013 in London, England and his performance was incredible! He is so personable on stage, and his charm is irresistible. Not to mention that Essex accent! So, if you’re interested, here’s his newest video!

Can’t wait for his album on Nov 25! I already have it pre-ordered on iTunes πŸ˜‰