Music Discovery

So, I love discovering new music and artists, especially young individuals with amazing vocal talent. Often it’s one video on Youtube that I end up watching that develops a chain reaction because I keep clicking and clicking and finding amazing musical gems!

Today, it’s this video that started it all…

I naturally really enjoy acapella and non-pitched musical instruments. I think it takes true talent to use your body or other items to create a beat and baseline for music. Plus, it’s fun and outside of the box!

So, because I really enjoyed this I decided to delve into Kurt Schneider’s Youtube channel a bit more, and I discovered that he has produced multiple covers of popular top 40 songs and artists. Plus, the singers he featured are all really good and the video quality is top-notch!

Plus, he always offers credit to the original song’s artist and lists the information for the talent featured in the cover video – with links to each person’s social media pages.

There are a lot of individuals who make cover video’s of themselves performing popular songs, and I tend to pass them by, but these covers are high-quality and can be found on sale in iTunes, which further credits the talent featured!

Below is another of my favourites. I love Nelly’s version but this cover is almost as great! And it’s the most popular video on Kurt Hugo Schneider’s Youtube Channel (no doubt why that is!)

Here is another acapella cover by Sam Tsui of a Michael Jackson medley of music.

There are just so many good covers and videos! I encourage you that if you enjoyed any of these at all, to discover and delve into Kurt Schneider’s Youtube channel and discover more on your own!

I mean, if they can produce a cover of Taylor Swift that I almost enjoy as much as the original, then I have found talent!



Bang Bang!


It’s not Taylor Swift but I am currently in love with this song! I’m not even a super fan of any of these artists (in fact the only reason I really listen to Ariana Grande is because of being in love with her brother Frankie on Big Brother) but their collaboration is killer. 

Listen, dance, fist pump, enjoy! 

My Next Era Began Today – Welcome to Western!



There it is! The North Campus Building – Home to the Faculty of Information & Media Studies. Basically, it’ll be a key fixture in the next 2.5 years of my life as I undertake my Masters of Library Science degree part-time at UWO. 

Today was my orientation day. I woke up feeling nervous and excited, but happy to start this next chapter. Due to careful planning and a pre-visit, I planned my route and knew where I was going to park and how I would get from the parking lot to the North Campus building. Once I got inside, that’s when it all became a bit more real.

I headed to a seat (on the right side of the lecture hall so that I could have an aisle seat with a left-handed desk, of course) in a prime location and made myself comfortable for the fifteen minutes until the day officially started. During this time, I was shaky with nerves and jitters in anticipation of the unknown. Like I said, this is when the fact that I am now a grad student really sank in and I became fully aware of what I am challenging myself to complete. All I hope is that I can keep all the metaphorical balls in the air – school, assignments, work, family, social life etc. 

The orientation presentations themselves were composed of faculty introducing themselves, learning a bit more about the program and graduate life, as well as the services and resources available to us. There were also some presentations about student clubs, which I may consider joining one or two library-related student groups depending on what time I have. We also were offered a social time for coffee, timbits and fruit, as well as a chance to mingle with other students. This is where I met some nice people, who shall remain nameless right now, but let’s just say they were very nice and it was nice to not spend all of orientation day alone! haha. We also were given a tour of the Grad Resource Centre, which could be a very popular study spot, and had photos taken for the FIMS database. MLIS orientation officially ended at 1 pm.

At this time myself and a couple others made our way to the Western Student Services building to get our Western Student Cards….now, this was an ordeal. I’m not sure if the staff taking photos were just having a bad day or were hungry or what (I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt) but they had ZERO patience with us new students. First of all, this process of getting a student card is a lot more complicated than it was at Brock. It’s practically a government-style type office where anything you want to do, you take a different number for and then letters and numbers get called out that correspond to tickets for different services. Talk about confusing for someone not sure what they are doing! A bunch of us with tickets to have our photo taken were waiting in a line and someone says in a not so nice tone that we don’t need to line up, and gets a bit snarky. I told her that she should explain the situation more properly because most of us are new to campus etc. She claims she made an announcement before. Well hello?! You have new people coming in to the building one after the other. Those who just came in aren’t going to know what you said 10 minutes ago! Anyways, she was not impressed and I mean I’m not perfect at customer service, I have my moments too but seriously, have some patience with new students ESPECIALLY during orientation weeks. 

Anyways, we finally got our student cards (which none of us were pleased with) and I ran a couple other errands and was back to my car by 4 pm feeling brain dead and hungry. 

Western is definitely a nice looking campus, and it was a beautiful sunny day which helped but it is a lot bigger and more confusing than Brock. I am glad that most of my activities will take place in the North Campus Building. Although, I do plan to explore other parts on campus at some point. It’s always good to know where things are!

My classes start next week – both of my courses are on Wednesday so it means I only have to make one trip in to London per week but I have a feeling I’m going to be wanting and maybe needing to be on campus more to complete assignments and meet with groups. We’ll just have to see how it all goes. I just hope that I can balance everything and that I really want to take advantage of opportunities and open doors. I want to meet new people and challenge myself to be more outgoing than I was during my undergrad at Brock. I’m ready to work hard and I’m motivated to succeed. And I’m glad to have a blog space to share my ups and downs of this era too and reflect on what happens. 

So, goodbye Brock, hello Western – let’s see what you have to offer!

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This could not be more true for me. It’s a battle I fight every day, and relates to how I audit and over think everything. I wish I could just let my mind relax and follow one path or the other, so I am challenging myself to just let things happen and not worry so much. 

Movie Night – “The Giver”

Unlike most movies I see, I had to wait and sleep on my thoughts about The Giver because I couldn’t quite put into words how I felt after seeing the movie. I went in to the theater with very little expectations regarding what I was about to watch. All I knew about the movie was that Taylor Swift had a tiny part in it, and that Meryl Streep had a lead role. I knew very little about the story other than it belongs in the dystopian genre and that the book cover has always featured an older man. The movie trailer gives little information into what the movie actually is about. I’ll include it now so that you can at least become slightly familiar with the movie.


Now, I actually really enjoyed this movie. Similar to my appreciation for Divergent, I enjoy being thrown into an alternative distopian-type world. That is exactly what The Giver offers – a world of no colour, rule following, and a ban on lying. Until a young man graduates from childhood to begin the job of receiver and starts to learn about the world as we know it here on Earth, It was so interesting and I may now consider reading the book when I want to be engaged by this story again. 

I don’t want to give much more of the story away, and I personally don’t like reading reviews on movies, as I like to make my own judgments but I do encourage you to see this movie if you are at all interested in dystopian worlds, and want your mind blown and stretched even the tiniest bit to think about a world that is so different than ours.



Confession 1

Confession time: I’m not always the most accepting person of information, people, insight, critiques, or corrections. Actually, I judge very quickly and I often resist being told what to do at first. I really don’t know why this is, but it’s like my mind goes in to ‘high alert-protective mode’ and I get very defensive. Today, this trait of mine came to the forefront. 

I know that often people are just trying to help and offer new knowledge, or provide me with a different way of looking at a situation or of acting in a situation. But I almost take them as attacks, and think “oh why didn’t I think of this before, I guess I’m not as smart as I thought”.

With new people, I just don’t trust as easily as maybe i once did and I overthink everything constantly. Someone I’m starting to get to know told me that my brain works hard as an auditor – that I weigh everything about a person and am constantly checking it’s authenticity and feasibility, asking “Could that be true? Does that fit in with the other information I have already learned about that person? What conclusion can I now draw? Does this make me like the person more or less?” It’s like my wheels are always turning, which some may say isn’t a bad thing, but it can be when it comes to a point of refusing to just let things be and see what happens naturally. Why do I have to be so critical and so quick to judge? 

So, now that I have recognized this characteristic of myself and have become aware of it, my goal is to to perhaps just let “whatever will be will be” happen a bit more. To be honest, I think my brain could use a rest from the constant auditing and overthinking. I don’t want to be such a judgemental person, because it leads to decisions being made in haste and living a life of regrets. And who really wants that?