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The Long Weekend Is Almost Here….

Well, for those of you who work Mon-Fri jobs it is.

So, here’s a pick me up if you need it to help you get through your last two days of work this week.

We’ve seen everyone from Canadian Olympians to British soldiers and even Italian inmates dance and lip sync to Pharrell Williams’ hit song Happy, but this version may be the most unexpected. Residents at a New Zealand retirement home show they still have a spring in their step, especially 79-year-old Alister Leckie who spoofs Williams. “The residents wanted to show their children and grandchildren what they’re made of,” reads the post on YouTube. So far it has more than 1.7 million views.

Truthfully, I actually prefer Pharell’s song this way.

Happy Thursday, enjoy!

Hilary Duff Is Back!

I mean, she never really went anywhere, but she is back with new music!!

I don’t care what anyone says – I am glad that Hilary Duff is back in the music industry. Before there was Taylor Swift, my idol was Hilary Duff. I loved watching Lizzie McGuire, I loved A Cinderella Story, Raise Your Voice, and A Perfect Man. All great, feel-good, chick flick, movies. Well, Raise Your Voice wasn’t such a feel good movie but it was a great story of strength and triumph in a time of tragedy.

Ask anyone in my family – I was obsessed with Hilary Duff. I had posters of her all over my room, I had a wall calendar for a couple years in a row. ┬áMy brother would even go so far as to refer to Sour Dough bread as Sour Duff when we would have it with dinner – just because he knew it would bug me! (Which it did of course – beware the teenage wrath of Kate!). I listened to her music constantly and I watched her movies on repeat. Some of my first dance parties were even to Hilary’s first album Metamorphisis. This song in particular –

I think I even used the song Jericho on Hilary’s second album (entitled Hilary Duff) for an English comparison assignment in high school. And her song Someone’s Watching Over Me was a song that I loved to belt out whenever I had the chance. That song was featured in her movie Raise Your Voice.

Needless to say, I love Hilary Duff and I am enjoying her new single “Chasing The Sun”. It’s a happy song about putting yourself first, going after what you want, enjoying your youth, being grateful for what you have, and never giving up on yourself and your dreams – Which is basically what I’m all about these days! Thanks Hilary!

I’m Not A Hockey Fan, But This Is Cool

So, until the NHL playoffs this past season, I had no idea that there was a player on the team named Jake Muzzin. I had little idea that he was Canadian, let alone from my city – Woodstock. But the real shocker about Jake Muzzin, well his grandparents are our neighbours! That’s right, they live right next door. In fact, I often creep from my bedroom window and see them playing cards late at night. (They stay up past my bedtime even!)

So, today, the Stanley Cup is coming with Jake to do a hometown tour. I debated going to watch the parade and see it on display at Goff Hall, but again I’m not a huge hockey fan and I don’t like bandwagon fans or people who pretend to care about a sport or team when they don’t genuinely care. Given that, I have headed out of town.

But, as I was waiting to leave this morning the Grandparents next door were setting up chairs in their driveway and lots of people were starting to gather. It distracted me as I was getting ready but I couldn’t stick around to see if Jake was in fact coming with the Cup.

Well low and behold, my Mom sent me a picture. Jake Muzzin was next door. He walked on grass that I have walked on. Stood on a visitor parking lot that I have stood on.


Thanks for snapping the picture Mom!

Big Brother – Finding out about Frankie’s Grandfather

I had accidentally happened upon an article online and I knew that Frankie’s grandfather had passed away. I was anxious and sad to know if they would show Frankie being told the sad news on the show.

As soon as Frankie was called into the diary room on tonight’s episode and he opened his letter, my facial expression changed to match his.


I was full on bawling. That’s right, my cheeks are stained with tears.

I love you Frankie, now you have to win!!


Purchased this watch from Light In The Box – an online discount store. It cost be 2.99 US total (free shipping from China!) and I have been getting lots of compliments on it. A patron even asked me today if I got it from Guess! It’s a wrap bracelet and I love it. #sweetdeal #watchobsessed